Beauty in a Sunday

I had plans to join friends for the Short Straw concert, but being on this new gluten and lactose free diet my body has a few good days and then not so much while getting use to this new healthy lifestyle and today I’m having a really bad day. So after having a nap fit for a world champion sleeper I thought the only way to get myself feeling better is making this ugly Sunday a beautiful one. I’ve read that you need an ugly Sunday, were you do a beauty treatment from head to toe, but if you’re life is as busy as mine and Sundays are basically the only day to wine and dine with friends once a month will be okay as well. But please try to make time for a face mask and nail treatment at least once in two weeks. It you will feel so much sexier, look younger and you’re Monday will be better- guaranteed!

So lets get started remember its a full body treatment day so remember to make sure you have everything set from hair, face, body, feet, hands and nails.

IMG_2655 IMG_2657 IMG_2659

If you really knew me, you will know I am a bit of a routine junky so here is how I spent my ugly Sunday:

start with making a home made body scrub, if you don’t have a scrub already. I like making mine its fresh, its natural and its super easy. Only two ingredients: coconut oil and brown sugar. Boom there you go! Coconut oil has the best moisturizing effect on any skin type and the sugar is added for texture to get rid of all the dry cells.

IMG_2655 IMG_2656

So after you have made the scrub head for the bathroom and lets start with hair care.

IMG_2667 IMG_2665

I love the re-nutrition mask from L’Oreal Elvive. I use a hear clip to separate the hair before applying the product to make sure I reach all parts of my hair. After I have applied the mask, I use a brush to make sure it is on evenly. I use a wet-brush it is made for brushing you’re hair without the damage that occurs when using a normal brush. (best buy this year!!)

step 1-done. Next remove all unwanted hair either using a shaver or VEET – I do both squeaky clean I would say!!

IMG_2668 IMG_2670


Next up I do a face mask and my sister actually introduced me to this Detox mask and oh my word, it is amazing. My skin feels clean, revised and it glows light a new light bulb.  You can find it at you’re nearest Clicks store and  be sure to fall in love.


Now while that has time to set on you’re face and the hair mask saves you’re damaged hair, let’s take care of our nails and feet. manicure and pedicure just the way you like  it. I started with a nail cut, buffing session and moved on to applying a Nail hardener before I use my base coat. After that I apply the colour – this time around I chose a gun metal silver for my nails and blood red for my toes.

As soon as the mask on you’re face goes hard it is time to rinse it off. Don’t forget to take you’re home made scrub and enjoy a long shower session. Be warned you WILL keep touching yourself after using that scrub and enjoy the softest skin ever.

So now everything has been done and finally you get to do the final step – moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. For my hair I use Moroccan oil, For my face I use Calendula cream – it is natural and helps with anti aging as well. For my body Nivea always seems to empress.


Now if this doesn’t make me turn into the swan from the movies then nothing will. Let’s take on the new week, looking fresh and feeling sexier than ever with my soft skin.

God Bless and remember keep it simple




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