Finding my roots

Let’s face it changing you’re hair is like going on a holiday, coming back fresh, fierce and ready to take on the world. I have to admit I am a bit of a hair slut when it comes to changing my look. I don’t know if it is because I get bored or that I’m pissed at the men (lack there of) in my life, but anyway I’ll stick with the fact that my sister is the guru to high lights and I’m just here supporting her God given talent, dammit.

So let me show you where I’m at with this change-story for the blessings on my head.

So yes I am a natural blonde not only with my hair, but sometimes I have to question my own intelligence when it comes to the stupid things I do – so let’s call me blonde at heart too.   I remember the first time I had my mom cut my hair: I came into the bathroom with my sister standing in the tub getting a haircut and I thought wow this looks like fun so naturally I joined in; My beautiful Rapunzel locks left and I became the nearly hairless Barbie, we all cut our Barbie’s hair and it didn’t quite end the way we planned it in our heads, right?

Then the love for change started I grew my hair out and in my matric year it was all about the Victoria Beckham/Rihanna Chinese bob and there the locks went away again. After that I had this bright idea to get bangs and yes not such a bright idea after all…

1923989_31049748254_7000_n[1] 1917409_204157183254_4042701_n[1] feel free to judge… I know I am.

Then we grew it out and decided lets go dark…then blonde…then dark… then blonde again…

526135_10151514111988255_60178106_n[2] 1236101_10151903963543255_185343993_n[2]

After being okay with being blonde I got bored, again. So we took to the scissors and chopped it off. Asymmetrical bob at first, I loved it but what a mission this look was to style everyday, so no this too was just not for me. Then we had a bit of a lets-grow-it-out-again-moment…

1506029_10153075493218255_720799053492682519_n[1] 1013781_10152252849658255_108564587_n[1]

10373610_10152479478658255_9168083363763884846_n[1]After the decision has been made by myself and my trusted hairsister I thought to cure my state of boredom lets play with colour and so we went colour me crazy with blue and purple accents to my tips…I liked the change but it was a bit too edgy for this conservative darling…

and so the story continued from blonde to brunette to ombre to where I am today: BLONDE!!

10347098_10152789964618255_9129838944321768725_n[1] 10947205_10153016265723255_1152269218716302505_n[1]

If you think I need to sign up to the nearest Hair Dye Rehab, honey I kind of agree…But for now the blonde, long bob (lob) look is working for me or well just till it’s long enough for me to become my inner Rapunzel again…


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