fashion forecast 15/16

Being a Fashion Merchandising and retail student I had the assignment to do a fashion forecast for the upcoming season and here is what my inner glass ball tells me…

I’m not going to bore you with details on the materials, but let me share my thought on the colours and biggest style changes I predict:

Colours for summer/spring: we will see our neutrals still being the base of the outfit, pastels and bright prints used together and a lot of colour blocking. Prints will be more bohemian orientated for summer. And I do think we will see more blues and greens paired with white in some prints.

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Colours for winter/autummn: the darker matt shades are becoming more popular, maroon, greens, blues and reds will be on the front line of colour trends with bright colour blocking still being part of the season. We will see more metallic and gold accents and the prints will become more tribal than before.

e5de5e926380b60f5f5128e7e336b974[1]   fe96916731a67d859a2178d0a0032d75[1] 158a9d8064070c07ed4758962b007fed[1]fools-gold[1]

Biggest style changes: It is all about the structure of fashion and bringing it back to the art of fashion and styling. We will see hemlines being asymmetrical, cap sleeves, decollete, denim, dolman sleeves, flounce and fringe with a few handkerchief sleeves as well.

df05506de68e8908e232904ae4e9603f[2] 64eb1dd431557f5b33c707fab0ae3c01[1] 48a05d8d8c0ffc7d5fbfd5416ce935b5[1] 5f455f10c220bd319ab23538f4ab230b[1]

Denim will still be big on trend, denim on denim looks and even denim button downs paired with blazers and coats.

3733d2fa9367b3ae8f53c8ffe357fb4b[1] 4de0b660ec4f4f698171ce453bf22523[1]

Blazers are becoming more tuxedo orientated and a dash of faux-fur in our chubby coats are becoming. And then naturally our trench coats with a structured edge. need ideas?

2750775c1342e047453c6bd8bc202abb[1] 80889ba559c2b73d51a98f1991960214[1] 2d67fd29f07c68fd2b437fb514f32e9a[1] 4c74040046a519cd955ec921bddfa9df[1] 6aca2f60871a0bced49df7d7d33cfeb1[1] 607eb302b18d84618f03d162a64af404[1]

Necklines will be the biggest focal point on garments with an open backs taking over the crop top styled look.

e936516a040e19d88732734fd92c2550[1] cd94dcc4cfaa0d1ea1a4bf8ae9a48b03[1] ac7b6edd566956f3dc4901b4a4c18ec3[1] 2717238c86d67963756d75b7d850938a[1] 9c65215b2467b2714f1be6bf8dabdc03[1] 1de19ef84fd4c52b53bc968ed6ecac99[1]

Fashion will take a turn to a more sophisticated look with a sexy edge other than the crop-to-bearing-midriff look giving people the opportunity to live their lives on a more glamorous scale without breaking the back.

So here’s to keeping it sassy, classy and I little bit smart assy…



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