Bra today, gone tomorrow

Now ladies, let’s face it, if someone gives me a slight oppertunity not to wear a bra, honey, I’m going to take it.

This is trend is definitely part of the top 10 trends to try. It is all about the neckline, goodbye boring necklines and hello to the plunging and dramatic necklines.

A perfect fit for the sophisticated-but-still-damn-sexy girls not scared to take a fashion risk. yes you might fall flat on your face or have a nip one slip one moment witnessed by strangers but that’s what double sided tape is for? get up and try it…

With Fashion you have the right to be anything you want:


Be dramatic and add ruffles all the way down.


Even for a formal event you can stay on trend with a deep V  all the way down to your navel.

I do agree with this image that you should add a statement necklace, bold make up and formal hair to keep the eyes on that gorgeous face.

For the first time in a really long while having small breasts are so in style.If these looks seem to be a bit out of your comfort zone but you still want to be on trend: try a tube top with cut outs, add a tube top bra with lace under a deep V-shirt, but please try and have fun with this look.

I have tried this trend and I will gladly give this my stamp of approval:

Remember if I can, so can you.

my photo credit:

ruffle top and low V: Pinterest

white button down shirt, photographer:

navy YDE dress: at a wedding and the photographer was a fellow guest

pink dress, photographer:



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