I have a tendency to think the crop top is evolving into dramatic open backs and low necklines, I do feel I want to share my opinion on this though.

I do agree the crop top will be in fashion and trendy for a few seasons to come, contradicting my previous statement I know, but I’m not a big fan of showing everything, call me old fashioned but my mama raised me to always leave a little to the imagination. So yes, wear it but let us start by showing  a little less skin. keep it classy not trashy., agree? 

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rules to style by:

  1. class always wins: When wearing a crop top pair it with a fuller bottom, either a full skirt or stockings under your mini. Go for high waisted pants if need be. Don’t go tiny crop and short shorts unless it is at the beach or at a festival.
  2. If you want to pair it with shorts opt for a peek-a-boo midriff and nothing too open
  3. That says classy and not trashy.

If you are a bit more curvy, like myself, don’t think this is a trend you cannot pull off, don’t knock it until you try it.

Check out these beautiful women slaying this trend: (image inspo from Pinterest)

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I have indulged in this trend on a few occasions as well: Summer or Winter try to get value from your purchase with these ideas:

 If I can rock this look so can you!

Skinny and curvy girls photo credit: Pinterest

Me in my black crop top for winter, photographer:

me in my white boho crop top, photographer:



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